12th November

Group Workshop

Do you want to learn how to make scroll stopping, eye-catching flat lay images that are perfect for your business?

On the 12th November, I will be hosting a small group workshop in Canberra where you can experiment, explore, and create from your imagination. The possibilities are endless with flat lay and the best part is you don’t even need to be a professional photographer or own a pro camera. With just your mobile phone and some great props and ideas, I’ll show you how to make images using design elements and creative compositions with a dash of storytelling that fits your business. The content you will create in this workshop will be perfect for business Social media, Newsletters, and your website.

Hosted by | Grace Costa – get to know me

Date | Thursday 12th November 2020

Time | 9:30-12:30

Where | Small group class 

Cost | $165 pp Includes light refreshments

What you will learn | This interactive workshop is full of hands-on experience.

  • You’ll learn how to plan your layouts and choose the right props, to tell visual stories that relate to your business. 
  • Design and composition options so every image is individual 
  • How to think about themes that relate to your business and brand
  • Editing your images using your phone apps
  • Phone photography tips
  • Lighting control

I’ll demonstrate different versions of the flat lay from, simple to complex designs, then you will have 2 hours to create to your heart’s content with my coaching! All the images you create will be directly on your mobile device.  By the end of the day, you will have a library of brand new images you can share straight away. 

Delivery | In-person class 

Who is it for | Bloggers, small business owners, makers, and artists. 

What you need | A fully charged mobile phone or small camera. A whiteboard will be provided to make your designs, and a variety of props will be provided but bring special items that relates to your brand so you can create what you need during this workshop

Location | TBC in Fyshwick


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