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Let’s talk about a little something that might seem insignificant at first glance but can make the difference when it comes to potential clients seeing themselves in the story: the “client interaction photos”.

So, what exactly are these photos, and why should you be asking your photographer to create them?

Well, imagine this: you’re scrolling through a website or a social media feed, checking out a business you’re interested in. You see polished images of their products or services, maybe even a fancy logo and some graphics describing their services. But then, you stumble upon a series of photos where the business owner is smiling, guiding her client, or showing the client something on paper or laptop screen. Now as the potential customer you can imagine yourself working with them. These images are designed to “inspire” your audience to work with you. That’s the magic of “with a client” photos!

But let’s dive deeper into their purpose and why they’re becoming the new norm when it comes to website and marking photos for your business.

Building Trust and Credibility

In the wild world of online business, trust is everything. People want to know that they’re dealing with real humans who genuinely care about their needs. “With a client” photos provide a glimpse into the human side of your business. They show potential customers that real people are benefiting from your products or services, which can boost credibility and trustworthiness.

The way a photographer can help you recreate this experience is to ask a friend or a staff member to sit in and pose as the “client”. A low cost way to create the shots.

Social Proof in Action

These types of branding images serve as tangible proof that your business delivers on its promises. When people see happy faces enjoying what you offer, it reassures them that they’re making the right choice by choosing your business. It also allows for engaging cations on social media when using these images you can talk about the transformation you offer your clients, or refer to why you love doing what you do in your business.

Adding a Personal Touch

In a digital landscape filled with polished marketing materials, and generic graphic icons to describe your services, adding a few images of actual humans interacting will set your business apart. “With a client” photos inject personality into your brand. They humanize your business and create an emotional connection with your audience. For a local canberra graphic designer Oath and Stone we invited some of their clients to feature in the photos and in turn they offered them a free session as a thank you.

two women in their 30's working through a new brand design with graphic designer Trish

Versatility in Marketing

From your website’s homepage to your social media feeds and even your email newsletters, “with a client” photos can be used across various marketing channels. They’re versatile assets that can breathe life into your marketing efforts, whether you’re sharing success stories, promoting testimonials, or sharing case studies. I have seen some clients even use these types of photos on slide presentations to describe what it looks like behind the scenes of their business.

Many of the photos featured in this blog were created in a Co-Working space in Canberra called Jaga Swanston Court. This space offers different environments around the building that allow for diverse scenes and variety within the final collection of images I present to the client.

Businesses featured: Raffy Sgroi a business coach at Sage Advise and host of a Canberra networking business Zest Networking. Trish Johnstone for Oath and Stone Designs, Maike and Rob from Zeitgeist Coaching and Training, Susie Ervine from Elev8 Consulting. Images featured in this blog are copyrighted to Grace Costa Photographer.

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Two women in their 50's working together at a white baord
two women seated having a business meeting on yellow couch in Canberra
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