It was freezing the day Teegan, Laurie, and Lauren from The Sisterhood Collective came to Canberra for their lifestyle photo shoot. None of them live in the ACT so they braved the cold to have me photograph them for the second time this year, but why they chose winter, I do not know! But these women really understand the value of branding their business with great visuals, that’s the main thing so I was super keen to create an impactful image collection for them this time around!

There was a bit of planning ahead of for this shoot. We met over Zoom to discuss how we would build a unique Image Library for the brand that would carry them throughout the year in all their current digital assets, customer touchpoints, and social media. The request was for a ‘lifestyle’ shoot rather than a corporate photo shoot to capture these specific things:

  • Each person’s unique personality
  • The fun and freedom vibe of the group
  • Stories inside the business- Connecting on social media, reading business books, traveling, and relaxing over a glass of wine with friends.
  • The brand’s values- Growth, Freedom, Living your best life

We planned their outfits, the props they would need, and all the finer details of the shot list so that every moment of the shoot was maximized. I selected three very special locations for our full-day shoot, starting with Albert Hall. I chose this location for the huge green windows the same colour as the Sisterhood brand and because I felt it had a European feel, which reflected one of the brand’s values about freedom to travel, we could pretend we were overseas.

Three women in a team wearing white t-shirts and denim jeans

The second location was none other than the National Gallery of Australia. We specifically used the James Turell Skyspace sculpture which acted as a wonderful playground for us to create these epic celebratory shots with the perfect confetti throwing, I hope you noticed!

The third and final location was Rydges Hotel in Canberra. We used the space to act as a living room with some of the scenarios we created. Together the team received 100 totally amazing images to use right throughout their business which will inspire them to create conversations with their followers, brand visuals that stand out in the crowd, and a professional brand that is ready to work with new clients. Don’t you just love the positive vibe and energy of this shoot??

If you want to find out more about what The Sisterhood Collective offer for women in business check out their Instagram here.