So if you’re anything like me, you might find it very difficult to narrow down all your amazing new travel images, and you often take so many it’s hard to know which ones to show. So here are a few things I like to consider when making my final selection.

1. Eliminate the emotion

We often have an emotional attachment to certain images that other people may not be able to relate to. My suggestion is to think about what you are trying to say about that part of your trip. What is the essence of that location you visited? Is your aim to show how old and grand everything is in Rome, or how sweet and quaint the little village and its people are in Greece, or the old architecture and colours you have seen in Venice? Whatever it may be, try and condense your intention with just a few of the best images.

2. Mix it up

Select a mix of people, places and things – this will add variety to your visual story. Often I capture the local people of the places I’ve visited, sometimes in a photo-journalistic style or I ask someone to pose for me. Add a little of the streets to show what it’s like to live there – is it chaotic, quiet, dirty or simply rustic?

Portrait taken in Greece

3. Don’t show too much

So you have taken a huge amount of images and you’re so excited for everyone to see where you’ve been and all the amazing things you have seen. Well, you can only keep someone’s attention for so long. I suggest only showing your best images, so when you think you’ve selected your best, then cull it in half again. Keep the shots with most impact that help express your original intention (Point #1).

4. Think of the viewer

Who is your audience? Think about the images being of interest to the viewer. Of course, we want to show everything if we can, but can your viewers relate to the images you have selected? Keep in mind you might be sharing your images on a blog and not necessarily face to face so you won’t have the opportunity to add narrative to your images.

Padova, Italy

5. Tell the story

Tell the story of each country or town from your trip. If you were to write a short story about the place, what things would you want people to know about it? Use those same things and apply that to your image collection. This will make the images you have chosen more purposeful and the visual story will come across stronger.

If you are wondering what to do with your best travel images consider putting them into a digital book, or getting them printed on a tote bag or postcards which you can do easily with Vista Print.

I hope these tips have helped you in some way and you are already planning your next holiday.

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