In today’s digital age, our online profiles serve as our digital calling cards across so many platforms. Having an updated and visually appealing headshot is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable tools in your professional toolkit. Whether you’re engaging with potential clients, building online presence, or revamping your LinkedIn profile, your headshot is a pivotal element that significantly influences how others perceive you and your brand.

Canberra photographers like myself, are changing things up from the traditional overly formal headshots taken in the studio. The latest trend sweeping the professional world is the embrace of natural headshots. So, what exactly do these natural headshots entail? Let’s take a closer look.

In essence, natural headshots capture a less formal, more approachable version of yourself. These photo sessions often take place outdoors, set against an urban or natural backdrop. While flash photography can still be used to mitigate shadows, you’ll notice a shift away the studio look and the conventional arms-folded stance front on head n shoulders stance, to more relaxed and engaging poses, such as leaning forward, sitting comfortably, or even capturing spontaneous laughter.

Another captivating aspect of natural headshots is the incorporation of props or elements related to your business or personality. Whether it’s holding a party popper, releasing confetti, or featuring a prop that symbolizes your profession, like a camera, these additions can infuse creativity and make your headshot more personalised.

However, amidst all this creativity, one crucial element remains constant—the need for a clean, unobtrusive background. This plain backdrop serves to direct the viewer’s focus squarely on your face, ensuring that your headshot works seamlessly as a small icon on platforms like LinkedIn, your Gmail profile, email signature or other online uses.

When it comes to what to wear for your headshots, people are still wearing blazers and shirts, but often dresses or polo shirts are a choice to give a more relaxed and approachable feel. I advise my clients to either wear a colour that suits your skin tone best and structured clothing can make you instantly feel more professional and put together.

So if you love the look of natural headshots as you see here below, next time ask your photographer for a headshot in an outdoor setting, find a photographer that you feel comfortable enough to be your most authentic self and maybe they just might capture you in your most natural state, resulting in a image you will LOVE.

I offer corporate and team headshots all year round in Canberra, so head straight here to contact me or see my packages here to more info.

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