two blonde women in coats sitting on the steps with a coffee


With more and more small businesses being launched by the day, personal brands are being built alongside that. So it makes sense then that we are also seeing the rise of personal branding photography. Take one look at a business coach’s Instagram profile you’ll see their face dotted throughout their feed and all throughout their website too. It’s all designed to help build the picture of the person you would be working with if you hired or purchased from that business. But what is the difference when we hear the term ‘ Personal brand photoshoot and Lifestyle photoshoot’?

So, let’s break it down. Personal branding photos are like the ultimate power move in the game of first impressions. They show the world what you’re all about and help build trust with your audience because they’re usually showing your face and expressing your personality. People get to see the face behind the brand, and that’s how connection and trust are born initially. These images are in a nutshell designed to showcase who you are, what you do, and your brand’s values.

So what’s the difference with lifestyle photos? Well, to start with you will notice the shots are more candid and less formal. Lifestyle shots can be made up of “doing” or in-action shots. It’s less about a posed shot, instead, lifestyle photos are all about showcasing you doing your day-to-day life, your hobbies, or behind the scenes of your business, maybe even small aspects of your business that make you unique. Whether it’s sipping coffee at your favorite cafe, hiking up a mountain, or writing in your journal, these pics give a glimpse into your world and help people connect to you even more not only that, they will also help you write more engaging social media captions because these images can spark a conversation.

Lifestyle shots are particularly suited to product-based brands. As an example, The Seed Cycle is a food product and one of my dear clients and I’ve shot everything on their website. For their ‘lifestyle shoot,’ we photographed women in the kitchen making food and using the seed cycle product. The seeds are sprinkled on food, women making a smoothy together having fun, and showing the easy and fun way to use the product. It helps the audience imagine themselves using the product and builds the desire around what your lifestyle can look like when you use the product. See their lifestyle gallery here.

two women in fitness clothes making smoothies in the bright kitchen

When I was planning the lifestyle shoot for The Sisterhood Collective we thought about aspects that describe each of the member’s lifestyles. We shot Teegan putting on her running shoes, we shot Lauren planning her calendar using the Kikki stationary. We shot the girls celebrating together, shots of them having a casual coffee catch-up in the park.

I think personal branding photos and lifestyle shots are about creating an emotional connection with your audience. When people see you doing what you love or experiencing life’s little joys, they can feel like they relate to you on a personal level and when they see your face multiple times throughout your online assets it also builds trust.

If you’d like some inspiration for your personal branding or lifestyle shoot, firstly take a look through my branding gallery and secondly get in touch with me to discuss how we can create incredible images for you and your brand.

two blonde women in coats sitting on the steps with a coffee

Photos taken in Canberra. Locations: National Gallery of Australia, and Albert Hall.

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