The mark of a true professional is that they make difficult things effortless. That was my experience of working with Grace. As a photographer and model, I found the prospect of being the subject of a personal branding shoot to be almost overwhelming. I was well into my overthinking and paralysis by analysis when I engaged Grace – and from that point everything became clear. With very limited direction and time, Grace visioned and executed a shoot that perfectly matched my business and my personality. She was efficient, decisive and did not hesitate to give me the micro and macro pose adjustments that took a good photo to a favourite. Her huge degree of experience in portrait and branding photography is absolutely obvious , both in her process and her outputs. The photos are authentic, technically flawless and she turns it all around in an exceptional timeframe. Grace even ironed my first outfit while I borrowed her straightener while chatting away my nerves. I travelled interstate to work with Grace and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.” – Testimonial from Jesse 2024

Jesse is starting a brand new business based around her true passion of art. In her past life she was an Art teacher so it makes so much sense that she started her own business offering Strategic Arts

Before Jesse’s shoot, we discussed her needs regarding her digital platforms, she shared that her website is currently being designed so the images need to fit that aesthetic and design. We then planned the perfect location that would fit well with her business story and decided upon the Skyspace James Turell Sculpture at the National Gallery of Australia.

As far as photography was concerned I used on-camera Nikon speed light flash for most of the indoor shots on a lightweight manfrotto stand. On personal branding shoots, I need to be nimble, so I don’t want anything heavy or that requires electricity so the speed light and light stand are the perfect solution.

In my camera bag were 2 lenses Nikon 24-70m f2.8 and 70-200m f2.8 and 2 speedlights SB910. Most of the outdoor shots were taken without flash, whereas indoors I used flash the entire time. Sometimes just directly bouncing the flash off the ceiling and other times having the Speedlight on a light stand to make it more directional and dramatic.

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