It’s the new year and you’re stepping into it with strategies for all the important aspects of your business, right?  

You might think about your marketing strategy, your social media scheduling, your overall content strategy, and maybe even your revenue goals. But have you stopped to think about the images you’ll need for all the marketing you are planning in 2023? I’m talking about the cover photos for all your worksheets and digital downloads, the hero photo for your Facebook ads, even your LinkedIn and blog posts. But most importantly, photos of you that are current, so when clients meet you they’re not expecting a version from the early 2000s!

Personally, I have taken the time to create even more useful images to add to my 2023 Image Library. Thanks to my friends, Tracy Lee and Jodie DeRome, I’ve refreshed my images for the Grace Costa Photographer brand. Let me share with you the things I added to my photo library.

We took new headshots, lifestyle shots, and behind the scenes shots for my business. This means for the first 6 months of the year I won’t be stuck for images to post on social media. My website is now full of images I’m really proud of and that represents me, and my brand as a photographer and creative businesswoman.

For my business, I need storytelling images that show my audience what it looks like behind my brand. But notice there are no photos of me with a laptop?! I’m keeping it real because I love to use good old-fashioned paper planners to run my business, mine is from Kikki K! Truth be told, I don’t even use a laptop (desktop all the way!). I use images that give clues about the way my business works, (the diary planning shot). I use images that are lifestyle focussed (the journal and the vision board shot) so I can write engaging social media captions to build engagement, usually, the shots that rank the most likes are ones with my hands and my friendly face.

Let me share a list of prompts to help you get started to think about what photos you’ll need for your business in the next 6 months:

  • What events will you be marketing?
  • What are your offerings that require a custom image?
  • What stories and articles will you be sharing on LinkedIn and social media in general?
  • What gaps do you need to fill with new images on your website?
  • Are there areas on your website where you can replace an icon, with a photo?
  • What conversations do you have on socials? Do you have images to support this?
  • Tools of the trade, show people what you use to create the magic in your business.
  • Have you got engaging custom imagery for your Facebook Ads?
  • Do you have enough cover images for your Pinterest downloads or Opt-In pages?

As you go through the first quarter of 2023, why not jot down ideas on the types of images that would best tell the story of your business. If you need a little help with coming up with ideas, drop me a line over at grace@gracecosta.com I’d be more than happy to brainstorm a shot list with you, but take a look at what i’ve done for my own business in the images below.

When you are ready to make your marketing and social media posting a whole lot easier using new images, take a look at my Personal Branding Packages I’m here to help your business shine with custom, storytelling images that will connect to your audience.

If you are in need of fresh new images for your business marketing, I’m taking bookings in Canberra for Feb – March 2023. Simply email me at grace@gracecosta.com or head to my branding packages to find out more about what’s involved in one of my sessions. If you are a corporate business please email me for a custom quote.

Image by Jessica Roberts – The Who Photography and Design