Trish Johnstone is stepping into the spotlight with some fresh new pics! As the brains behind Oath & Stone designs in Canberra, she’s not just a graphic designer but also the CEO, and she’s on a mission to showcase what it’s really like to collaborate with her. The location we used this time around was Jaga in Allara st Civic which is my favourite co working space in Canberra and Trish and I love going there.

We recently teamed up for our second photo session, aiming to capture Trish in action with a client. These snaps give a sneak peek into the awesome experience you can expect when hiring her for design services. Besides being a dedicated designer, Trish wears many hats as a speaker and leader in the design scene of the Nation’s Capital, making these shots super versatile.

Looking ahead, these images will come in handy for Trish’s podcast features. Whether she’s sharing insights on a panel or speaking at a conference, she’s got the perfect current pics to accompany any application. Oh, I must mention, Trish rocked the mic on my podcast The Photo Diaries, and guess what? It turned out to be the top episode of 2023! Give it a listen as she spills the beans on communicating with clients, setting boundaries, contracts, and more.

I’ve had Trish feature on my podcast which turns out was the top episode for 2023. Take a listen here where she talks about Communicating with clients, boundaries and contracts and more I know you’ll get a lot from hearing this chat.


On this shoot I kept it super light at portable with one light stand to hold a single SB900 Nikon speedlight which i bounced off the ceiling most of the time, except on the outdoor images. The lenses I used were 24-70mm & 70-200mm.

Are you reading to be the face of your business in 2024, if so head straight here to contact me or see my packages here to more info.

graphic designer having a meeting with a client
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