Chiropractor working on a client in the canberra practise.


As a commercial photographer in Canberra, I’ve had the privilege of working with various chiropractic centers to create custom marketing imagery for their website and branded material. Each project brings its unique challenges and creative opportunities, and one recurring theme has been the desire for a less corporate and more natural look, a request that recently materialised beautifully during my shoot with the remarkable team at Canberra Spine Centre in O’Connor. During our 1-hour photo shoot we captured;

  • Team group photo
  • Staff headshots
  • Chiropractors working with clients, humans and animal

When the team at Canberra Spine Centre approached me for team photos and staff headshots, they were clear about their vision—they wanted an authentic, down-to-earth feel that reflected the warmth and dedication they bring to their specialized spine work.

To achieve this down-to-earth look, we opted for a natural approach, both in terms of the lighting and the setting. We decided to forgo the use of artificial flash and corporate white background, relying solely on the soft, diffused light provided by the overcast sky on the chosen day. The result was a gentle, flattering illumination that perfectly complemented the natural vibe we were aiming for.

Working with the team at Canberra Spine Centre was an absolute delight. From the moment we arrived, it was clear that their enthusiasm for the specialized spine work they do was infectious. The atmosphere was akin to a festive occasion, with team members excitedly interacting with each other and sharing their love for their profession. It was a joyous day of capturing not just individual headshots but also the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that defines their practice.

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