Introducing New Work to Nishi Gallery

Wow its actually been 4 years since my last exhibition in Canberra (2015 exhibited in Sydney). In that period of time, I’ve featured in many group shows both here and interstate, signed up with a local gallery The Photography Room, was a featured in the National Photographic Portrait Prize (2014) exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and won many photography awards along the way. So I haven’t just been sitting on my butt waiting for the next show to come along!  Late last year actually, the Nishi Gallery, New Acton invited me to have an exhibition of my photography work. I was a little unsure at first as I didn’t have anything really in the pipeline except the beginnings of a concept photographing horses, so this invitation was the perfect reason for me to get a wriggle on and finally make waves on this new series.

It all started with the first image of my fathers horse taken in 2014, I felt the image had potential to be explored, so my father and I produced lots of prototypes to ensure the concept was achievable. Horses have always been a true love of mine. My father being an extremely skilled and passionate horse trainer of over 45 year, may have something to do with where my passion has come from.

I selected from a wide variety of local horses but 15 remain the features of the show. The chosen horses were selected for their character, individuality, form, and colouring. Canberra’s Mt Stromlo’s Yale Columbia Dome became the set for many months of shooting, and I could not have created what I have without the use of that space as well as all my angel assistants: Suzzi, Lee, Hubby, Lucy, Shaun, all the owners, and of course the horses themselves, what a fabulous job they have done to help me achieve my vision.

HORSE is a series of portraits celebrating Grace Costa’s life long love affair with horses, passed down by her father through a sophisticated photographic homage. Costa explores her innate captivation with horses through her lens, photographing unbridled horses in one of Canberra’s most treasured sites. Bringing them out of their natural surroundings. Costa explores the form and character of the horses she has selected for this series. – Nishi Gallery New Acton

HORSE on show from 2nd – 20th November 2016 – LAUNCH PARTY 6-8PM