As photographers, I don’t think we should underestimate the tools that help us be efficient and professional when it comes to running a business no matter if it’s a side hustle for you or full-time business. Let me take you on a tour of the tools and equipment that have been carefully chosen over my 20+ years in the photography industry, each serving a crucial role in enhancing my workflow and ensuring top-notch results. From monitors to software and camera gear, let’s dive into the essentials that make my studio tick.

  1. Eizo Monitor: All the pro’s use this photo editing monitor
    • My go-to monitor for quality control.
    • While not as visually striking as Mac screens, Eizo monitors excel in color reproduction.
    • Ideal for high-end retouching, print production, and working with intricate details.
    • Matte surface eliminates reflections, providing a true view of image details so you don’t over or under-edit your images
    • Larger color gamut compared to standard monitors.
    • Long-lasting and designed with photographers in mind.
  2. Wacom Tablet: A Digital Artist’s Best Friend
    • Replaced traditional mice to combat overuse soreness in palms and wrists.
    • Takes some time to adapt, but the electronic pen on a tablet mimics pen and paper.
    • Prevents overuse injuries and allows for precise control in editing.
    • A worthwhile investment for increased speed and efficiency.
  3. Adobe Lightroom: Batch editing and folder management
    • Used for nearly 20 years, Lightroom is my primary photo management software.
    • Efficiently manages catalouges, bulk edits, retouching, and color correction.
    • Essential for organizing image libraries and streamlining workflows.
    • Teaches a Lightroom course to share insights and tips with fellow photographers.
  4. Xero: Streamlining Invoicing and Quotes
    • Invoicing and quoting software for efficient business transactions.
    • Simplifies financial tracking, profit and loss statements, and client payments.
    • A valuable tool for managing business finances and achieving financial goals.
  5. WeTransfer: Free Image Delivery for Clients
    • A free file transfer service for quick and easy image delivery to clients.
    • User-friendly, though lacking in tracking capabilities.
    • An alternative to paid services like Dropbox, providing simplicity and accessibility.
  6. Studio Ninja: Elevating Client Management
    • Client management software with built-in workflows and questionnaires.
    • Efficiently handles inquiries, client contacts, and payments.
    • Boosts professionalism and customer experience.
  7. Shoot Proof: Elegant Client Galleries
    • A platform for delivering client galleries with a beautiful interface.
    • Enables clients to view, select, and download images seamlessly.
    • Offers a professional client experience and a convenient way for clients to select images
  8. Elinchrom Lights: Illuminating Creativity
    • Elinchrom lights, both studio and portable, provide reliable lighting solutions.
    • Portable Quadra Ranger kit ideal for on-location shoots without access to mains power.
    • Transitioned to umbrella softboxes for enhanced portability.
  9. Lowepro Roller and Lens Pouch: Efficient Camera Gear Transportation
    • Lowepro Roller serves as a convenient and organized camera bag solution it can store everything and save you from carrying heavy stuff on your shoulder or back.
    • Lens pouch for nimble shoots, reducing fatigue during on-location work.
    • Emphasizes the importance of ergonomics in camera bag selection.

Here are my referal links I’d love you to use if you consider signing up to either of these platforms:

​A snippet of what it looks like inside Shoot Proof customer gallery.