If you recently had your headshots or branding shots taken by me, then you might need some inspiration on how to use them to get the maximum value from of your image collection. I’ve listed some ideas specifically designed to connect to your clients and continue to be top of mind. I hope you find them valuable.

Remember to continue to build on your image collection in your business. If you didn’t get them this time around, in your next branding shoot think about getting shots of you ‘doing your work’ or showing ‘how you work’ with your clients. Even consider bringing your lifestyle into the mix by being photographed with your dog or favourite hobby. Sharing a variety of images can make your audience connect to you in a genuine way.

  1. LINKED IN Use the headshot with a plain background for maximum impact with small icons. Don’t forget your banner image too.
  2. INSTAGRAM Not only your new profile image, but your feed posts need your face too. Introduce yourself to your new followers and let them see who you are every 9 squares.
  3. SIGNATURE BLOCK Make an impression and be top of mind every time you send out an email.
  4. SPEAKER PAGE If you are speaking at conferences and events, the organizers always need an up-to-date headshot.
  5. DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Do you have digital content that can be downloaded by your clients, audience, and customers? Don’t forget to add your headshot next to your name and brand.
  6. MEMBERSHIP SITES Having your face on all your membership sites is a fast way to introduce yourself, and for other participants to identify you and your brand quickly and easily.
  7. PODCAST ARTWORK Headshots on the podcast artwork are a no-brainer, so have a graphic designer add some design elements to zuzh it up.
  8. NEWSLETTERS & EMAIL MARKETING Headers and footers are prime real estate on your email marketing and can be powerful design features! Don’t let the space be wasted; add your image with your call to action.
  9. WORKSHEETS AND PRESENTATIONS Having your face in a corner of front page of the worksheet or slide presentation is a great way to make yourself more memorable because your audience is seeing your face multiple points. If you don’t want your face front and center, try adding a small circle icon image instead.

If this list inspired to and you’d like to add to your collection of images for your business, get in touch at and let’s have a chat about making some magic branding shots for you and your business. Find my Personal Branding Packages here.


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