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As a brand photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing the stories of numerous small businesswomen in Canberra. Each session is a celebration of their journey, vision, and determination to serve others and share their gifts with the world. After delivering the image collection, I’ve witnessed the significant impact these businesses experience online when they leverage professional imagery. It gives them a sense of legitimacy and confidence, empowering them to present themselves professionally online. Here are some great ideas to try on your next brand shoot:

  1. Walking with Purpose: Picture this – you, walking with coffee in hand, looking off to the camera with determination in your eyes. This seemingly mundane moment can exude confidence and purpose.
  2. Embracing Knowledge: Seated on a large lounge chair, immersed in a coaching or business book. This image radiates intellect, curiosity, and a commitment to learning.
  3. Stacking Books: Seated or standing, holding a stack of business books. This visual metaphor speaks volumes about your expertise, experience, and authority in your field, it’s about the knowledge and insights you bring to the table.
  4. Focused and Determined: Seated, leaning forward with arms on knees, looking up at the camera. This pose exudes focus, determination, and readiness to tackle challenges head-on. It’s a powerful reminder that you are in control, yet you are approachable and professional
  5. Prepared for Success: Standing, packing your work bag. This image captures preparedness, organization, and readiness for action. It conveys to your audience what it looks like behind the scenes in your buisness
  6. In the Zone: Seated at a desk with a laptop. This is where the magic happens. This image showcases your workspace, shows that you are a flexible service that can work from anywhere.
  7. The notebook moment: Seated at a desk, writing in a notebook. This simple act of writing speaks volumes about your thought process. It’s a reminder that behind every successful business, there is a mind buzzing with creativity and innovation.
  8. Planning and designing: Writing on a whiteboard. This image captures brainstorming in action, strategy in the making, and visions taking shape.
  9. Are you a speaker: Speaking to a pretend audience. This image radiates authority, confidence, and charisma.
  10. Building Relationships: Talking with a client, shaking hands, giving documents. This image embodies trust, professionalism, and integrity. It’s a reflection of your commitment to your clients and your passion for building meaningful relationships.
  11. Curating Material: Collating documents and marketing materials on your desk, shot from above, showcasing your brand.
  12. Celebrating: From popping champagne to showering confetti, make this shot fun. These celebratory images can be used for your business birthday, celebrate signing up a new client or the launch of a new offer.

If you are ready to make your business shine online with epic images like these, I’m here to help. Take a look at my Branding photography packages on offer, and the examples in the gallery. Let ‘s have a chat about building out your first collection of custom brand photos for your business in 2024.

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