How to use a photo of yourself in an Instagram post:

More and more small biz owners are investing time and money is updating their headshots for their business. It can be an investment of as little as $350 depending on your photographer and the packages they offer. However, some people have concerns about showing their face on a regular basis throughout their Instagram feed.  My business coach told me once, that you should be showing your face every 9 posts so when someone is first visiting your instagram feed your face is always on there. As a small business, it pays to regularly connect with new comers to your feed, as well as remind your current followers who you re and what your business does, so you stay top of mind. 

I’ve put together some inspirational ideas on how to easily use your headshot on Instagram to get more engagement from your audience. These ideas should prompt you to come up with more of your own, over time.

  • Use your photo to introduce yourself
  • Use to bring up a personal secret 
  • Tell your audience what’s coming up in your business in the next 6 months
  • Share a story of why you started your business
  • Talk about what you love about your industry
  • Tell your audience how they can work with you
  • Share a funny story about when you were first learning your craft

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