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Visual assets are becoming more and more valuable for all small businesses right now. So what do I mean when I talk about visual assets? This includes everything from your logo to your social media images, from your headshots to infographics, memes, and everything in between. All of these visual elements combined tell the story of your business in milliseconds, which is especially important when our customers are scrolling quickly through the internet! 

Building the collection of your visual assets means that you can start growing your business with visual messaging, showing your audience a variety of images and something that they haven’t seen before – therefore, keeping their attention for longer. Having a visual assets collection ready to go or in progress, creates ease of access in your processes, makes you efficient and covers all the bases in your marketing. 

All you need is a central location to store your images, such as a cloud drive, for quick and easy access. so that whenever you need to use an image in your business marketing, you know where to find one quickly.

In this list, I’m going to focus on the photographic side of the asset collection. Take note of what images you have already and can use, and if there are any images that you need to add to the collection of your assets over time.  

  • The Headshot

Start collecting various headshots of yourself and your team that can be used throughout your website. Don’t just think about the About Page on your website – have your face dotted throughout the site. This will help your audience build a connection with you no matter what page of your site they are viewing. It becomes a personal attachment and not just a business transaction. Your headshot will also be useful for your speaker profile, your presentation slides, your marketing collateral and so much more. Read my blog about 15 ways to use your branding images here.

  • Action shots 

Every business wants to show their customers that they are good at what they do, why you should hire them and what to expect from the experience, so show them how you do your business. Action shots of you serving your clients or making the product that you sell, even packaging up your products, are useful photos to have in your collection. I often share videos of my photo editing process; I find this brings my audience behind the scenes of my photography studio, they can feel connected to me as a small business and they see what will happen if they purchase a product or service from me. These images can be used for your marketing material, and can complement your presentation topic when you speak at your next business event. 

Real Estate Agent at work

  • Images of business books 

You could create simple images using your phone camera of books and magazines that relate to your business. Share what these books have taught you about your niche or if it has supported you in building your business. This is a simple way to start a conversation with your audience on social media or on your blog; you could write a caption, a long-form article on your website’s blog, or a review on your favorite books.

  • Share your interests

When we first meet someone, we always ask them what they do and what they are interested in to try and find common interests. Why not skip ahead in the interaction and show them who you are? Show what makes you interesting! You don’t have to share everything or become unprofessional. If you feel stuck, share what makes you feel comfortable and connected with other people when meeting them. The aim is to bring your audience closer and more connected to the people in the business.

If you love walking in the bush, collect some images taken on your phone that describe your favourite walking routes. Maybe you love exploring different tea flavours, show us your collection or share photos of what teas you tried this week. You get the idea!

  • Tools of the trade 

Do you use specialised equipment to create your products or services in your business that people might be curious about how it works that you can take snaps of?

Maybe your desk environment has special things you like to use, or your parcel up your products with handwritten thank you cards, or anything little personal touches that create a story of your business. For me, I like to share what’s inside my camera bag and the beautiful stationery I use in my business which is a small passion of mine! 

computer keyboard and notebooks

  • Stock photos 

Stock libraries can be a daunting platform to navigate if you go into them without a plan – soon you will end up down a rabbit hole and come out for air a week later! When you log into a stock library, have a clear goal of what images you are shopping for. Gather images like background textures that you can use next time you are designing in Canva. Collect generic office-type images that fit your business branding style that you can use for your blog posts. Think about celebratory images you can use next time you’re posting about an international day or a birthday for your business, a team member or your own birthday. Think about occasions on the calendar that you may need an image for and start collecting with a style in mind. 

For inspiration, check out Unsplash, Pexels, and Adobe Stock for high-quality images. If you want that specialised and custom images that no one else will have, consider hiring a photographer and create a shortlist for them this will make you stand out even more online! 

These images will help build engagement and describe your business visually to your audience. As the cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! What story are your business images describing? Make a collection of visual assets so that you are always ready to tell the right story. 

Tell me, which images will you be adding to your image library?

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or send me an email

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