There you have it, HORSE is closed in Canberra and ready to move on!

This body of work took approx. 8 months of shooting every weekend and after full time work to complete, but two years in the making. My father helped me get started on this project that he thought was strange at first (to photograph a horse inside a building) but I proved to him it would be visually interesting, and that the idea would work. So he supplied his time and horses to help me work it out and all of 2015 we shot all the test shots to ensure the idea would work seamlessly when I worked with strangers and their horses as I continued the project.
With the invitation from Nishi Gallery last Nov I had to get a wriggle on to make new work in time for the exhibition date.

I’ve travelled all around the region to meet people with horses. These people have now become my friends.  Many hours retouching and deliberating the final selection. Many moments of doubt and then confidence, a total rollercoaster of emotions. Its the type of thing that happens when you are exposing yourself to the world in this way. You are open for complete criticism and judgment as you express yourself as an artist.

As daunting as it could have been, I am totally chuffed with the results of my third solo exhibition, a sell-out in Canberra of all places where they say its hard to sell art in Canberra. The gallery had many visitors from all over the country for the during the 3 week period, and the opening night was a full house with patrons purchasing their favourite portrait on the first night.

We held a very special event In Conversation with Horseman Angelo Costa during the second weekend of the exhibition. Angelo spoke candidly about horse psychology and insights into his life as a horse trainer over the past 50 years. The video will be posted to youtube over the next 3 weeks.

Now I look back on what a great time I’ve had putting this exhibition together, I don’t think i’ve worked so hard on something in my life! It has taken a massive commitment, but then again everything does if you want to do something great. The reward doesn’t come without effort. Dreams don’t get fulfilled without help from others And life isn’t interesting unless you step outside your comfort zone.

I’d like to thank my sponsors Ted’s Professional and Ilford papers.