two women making smoothies in the white kithcen


I was recently commissioned to create an entire image library for The Seed Cycle’s future marketing. The brand is expanding rapidly, so Mel Kovacevic’s team and I pulled out all the stops on this shoot. Hair and make-up for the gorgeous ladies who were selected to represent the brand. We had healthy food galore, we had props galore, and a great time making a huge mess in the kitchen! The result is a huge library of images and content for The Seed Cycle to use in their Facebook ads, Instagram ads, their promotional material, and their brand-new website.

In this shoot, we carefully considered the color palette of the brand and all the clothing and props needed to match the aesthetic so that anytime one of these images is used in marketing, it’s instantly recognizable as The Seed Cycle. Making the effort for colours and props is absolutely worthwhile if you want the result to look effortless and professional like this collection does.

My Equipment list:

Nikon D5 Camera, 20-70mm Nikon lens, Elinchrom Dx 4 studio flash

If you are ready to create custom, standout imagery for your business marketing get in touch over at or send me a DM on Instagram @gracecostaphotographer

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