"I believe that creativity is within all of us, and when we connect to it, we connect to our true self"

"I'm here to help you grow and develop into the photographer you dream of becoming"

I mentor mid-career photographers in the creative development of personal projects, shooting, posing, and editing skills.

I recently hosted a Portrait masterclass at the National Portrait Gallery as well as The Refocus Retreat, sponsored by Nikon.  

I host private tuition and public group classes in Canberra and Melbourne so if there is a knowledge gap you need to fill, let’s book a no-obligation “discovery call” and discuss how I can make you feel more confident in your image and storytelling skills. 


I offer personalised 1:1 mentoring sessions that are tailored to your photography and creative needs.

I help mid-career photographers grow and develop their skill toolbox and creative thinking. If would like guidance on starting creative projects, or if you have a niche you are passionate about and would like to dive deeper into your skills, I’m here to help you. 

I cover topics such as: 

Posing skills, Photo editing workflow, Personal project development, Business strategy, Selling artwork and more. 

We start with a Discovery call to pull out what your main concerns are and how I can help you through them. Then you can book either 3 or 6-session packages where we will work together 1:1 to customize the learning specific to your needs and outcomes. 

Let’s have a chat about what direction you’re looking to take your photography journey. 

grace costa photographer, Canberra


Private 1:1 Session


This is a private session based around your individual needs. We can work on either your photography skills, or your photography business. This is suited to people who have started earning an income from photography​

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Three Session Package


Private 1:1 session custom designed to suit your needs. Can be conducted via Zoom or in person.​

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Six Session Package


Private 1:1 session custom designed to suit your needs. Can be conducted via Zoom or in person.Resources will be included in this package​.

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Pick my Brain


This 20 min call will give you the opportunity to come to me with your burning questions about photography business or your photography related issues. Usually done via Zoom.


I believe the key to becoming a strong photographer, who consistently produces great results in any situation, is to have a mentor. Someone to objectively guide, critique and offer constructive feedback to help you reach the next level in your photography practise. Having your work critiqued is one of the best ways to build confidence and get clear direction on areas to be improved. That’s why I created my private Portfolio Review sessions, it’s a safe space, where you and me work together to understand your style, your technique, the mistakes that you are making and discuss ways to develop your skills in a more considered way. You don’t need to be brave to seek out learning, you just need to want to be better than you were yesterday. I believe in self development so if you do to, go ahead and book a review below.

Free Template

Shot list & gear list template

There can be a lot to think about and prepare for when the shoot day arrives, regardless of whether you specialize in branding photography, wedding and portrait shoots, or commercial projects. Having this shot list will serve as your reliable backup brain for those moments when you can’t recall all of your clients’ requests or when your creative ideas seem to have slipped away in the heat of the moment.

This template PDF is editable 


photography podcast

The Photo Diaries Podcast



This podcast opens up a secret diary about the world of the photography industry. 

We’ll bring you inspiring interviews with industry professionals, as well as stories, and tips to help propel you through your photography journey.

I share my experience as a commercial photographer of over 2 decades, a photo-based artist, & photography mentor.

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