Equine fine art photography



The Blooming series is inspired by my two passions. Florals and horses come together in a harmonious and romantic portrait series. 


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“Connecting to your personal story within your creative work will absolutely be the most authentic thing you can create.”

Grace Costa, Horse Photographer - Fine Art



As a photographic artist, Grace connects her work with her personal story as she shares her intimate affection and understanding of horses as passed down to her by her horseman father Angelo. Her photographic equine portraits have been exhibited in galleries throughout Australia and the success of these shows led to her to presenting a TEDxCanberra talk about the process and importance of the work.  Now, Grace’s work is represented by the Weswal Gallery in Tamworth and the Bluethumb gallery. These intimate portraits capture the spirit and personality of each horse she carefully selects for her portraits. 

All artwork is made in Australia and printed and packaged in Canberra on the finest quality archival paper and inks, ensuring the artwork brings you a lifetime of enjoyment. Delivery in Australia is a 2-week turn around.

The Making of Horses Series