Short film


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Grace Costa is a Canberra photographer and photo-based artist. She is the creator of the acclaimed HORSE series, exhibited at the Nishi Gallery in 2016. This led her to presenting a TEDx Canberra talk in 2017, telling the story of her creative discoveries through photographing horses and her link to them through her father’s life as a horse trainer.

Angelo Costa is a well respected and successful Canberra horseman. He has mastered the language of horses over the past 50 years and dedicated his life to improving the lives of horses through re-education and behavioural training. Angelo is the former Director of his family owned Mugga Park Riding School (which taught Canberra kids for 20 years). Many people have either purchased a horse from Angelo, attended one of his master horse clinics, or taken their child to his riding school over the years. He grew up in Narrabundah after his family immigrated from Italy. A chance meeting with Ray Hawke (now fellow horse trainer and champion camp drafting competitor) led to a lifelong friendship. Two men brought together by a shared love and dedication to  the art of training horses. 

The Narrabundah Boy | TEN ALPHAS ORIGINALS from TEN ALPHAS on Vimeo.