Talking Equipment


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Having the right gear can make your job as a professional photographer a hell of a lot easier and more efficient. I have been shooting for 15 years, and of course at first I wasn’t making enough money to buy all the latest gear, so I stayed within my means. I have evolved my business and my professional gear since then, to products I’m now really happy with. So I’d love to share them with you which might help when you’re looking for your next piece of equipment.

Other great products I haven’t mentioned in the layout above:

EIZO MONITOR: They are the best, each to calibrate, low reflection as it has a matt surface which is great for photo editing, they cost a little more but they are worth the investment as you will be using it for years.  http://www.eizo.com.au

SPIDER HOLSTER: The spider I came across at the Digital Expo a few years ago. Its a holster for you camera that you wear around your waist like a belt so you can be hands free when you need to be. It’s particularly great when you shoot with two cameras, you can have one around your neck and one on your waist.  http://spiderholster.com

SPYDER CHECKR: This is a calibration system that is used for colour management. Any decent studio printing photos for clients should have one. It allows photographer’s to colour calibrate their cameras, perform precision in-camera white balance and record known-colour samples and match prints to correct colours on screen.

LOWEPRO: They make great camera bags. I have a few different styles and sizes for different purposes and also one on wheels which is like a suitcase. This is great for when I need to take all my gear on an aeroplane as its protected and snug in the case, it also carries a laptop and snacks for when your shoot runs way overtime! http://www.lowepro.com

ELINCHROM: Studio lights and accessories. Elinchrom has a huge range, but one of the reasons I like them so much is they make smaller light kits for people like me who’d rather have a light weight quick set up kit. At the moment I have the Quadra Ranger kit and it fits nicely in an easy to carry, fit in your car strong case. http://www.elinchrom.com/battery/ranger-quadra.html

If you have any questions about the gear I’ve discussed in this post, please contact me and I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.