5 Reasons You Need A Business Portrait


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Business portraits are my main passion in my business. I specially enjoy working with creative entrepreneurs to help them project themselves as the creator in their business. Here I will share with you my top 5 reasons why you need to put a face to your business right now!

  1. Show your potential clients who you are. People like to connect to a face, as well as your written content. Therefore your face is the most powerful icon on your website and your professional portrait should be creating that positive first impression.
  2. Use your new portrait over digital and print media. It will be useful for all profile pictures:  Linked In, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Forum profiles, Twitter- the list goes on! Don’t forget you can have different images for different platforms, and with my specialised sessions I will capture many different looks for you to choose from. Some examples could include: an image of you naturally laughing, a serious but friendly look, a candid shot of you looking away from the camera, even a fun image of you doing something fun if that suits your business essence.
  3. Project a professional appearance.  It makes sense to portray your professionalism with a current and relevant portrait of yourself as the entrepreneur or businessperson and show you have professional standards. After all, you are running a professional business, right?
  4. Take your business seriously. Making a small financial investment in a professional portrait shows that you take your business seriously and are willing to put yourself forward before the client has had the chance to meet you. If your headshot isn’t professional, it doesn’t help people warm to you, it doesn’t inspire confidence in you, it doesn’t help people trust you.
  5. Connect. By including a professional business portrait on your website, social media and everywhere you are represented online, the more likely people are to reach out to ask you about you, your business, your products.

If you would like to book to have your business portraits taken by me please contact me on 0403593548 basic package starts at $550, or drop me a line at grace@gracecosta.com to receive my package details for your consideration.